Cenotech ESG Data Platform Build Out and Maintenance


Cenotech was retained by a large asset management firm to build out and support their ESG analytics and investing platforms. With the firm’s recent acquisition of a top-tier ESG investment data and investment management service, our client needed to create an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Data Engine and enhance existing models to support front-office and compliance requirements in the future.

Our significant hands-on experience developing and using trading, data management/warehouse and investment performance tools across the back, middle and front offices helped make the ESG data platform build out successful.


In 2013, a large quantitative investment firm retained Cenotech to help facilitate and spearhead the implementation of, and conversion to Bi-Sam B-One and specifically the development and analysis of interfaces from the internal legacy systems into BI-SAM.

The conversion required significant current state analysis, data normalization, loading and testing expertise to ensure that output from the new platform would satisfy strict client acceptance criteria, including pre-existing data, client data and enhanced historical attribution-, risk- and dispersion-reporting requirements.

Cenotech worked to bring the conversion to completion and was called upon to provide portfolio accounting, investment performance measurement, risk and attribution…


Cenotech was retained by a large quantitative asset management firm to help retire an old proprietary investment performance system and its complementary FactSet attribution system. At the same time, the firm wanted support to configure, load, and implement a new innovative performance and attribution system, BISAM’s B-One application.

While consulting onsite and implementing BISAM, a lot of performance processing issues were occurring that caused CMP processing times to not meet the client’s expectation. …

Cenotech Implementation & Optimization for Employee Onboarding

Case Study

Optimization of Employee Entitlement Processes


The investment management division of an Ivy League University’s endowment fund was in process of a large-scale application transformation and employee entitlement integration. The BPLogix platform had already been selected because of its flexible ability to handle the unique requirements of the employee entitlement process.

The fund retained Cenotech Solutions to implement BP Logix and the associated workflows that were previously constructed. …

Case Study

Digitizing customer on-boarding to help accelerate financial services business


A large investment management firm, based in Boston, Massachusetts, sought to provide clients with superior performance, top quality service and value-added products across a range of investment disciplines and distribution channels. Due to rapid growth and ever-increasing regulatory requirements for audit and transparency, the process of adding new accounts manually became increasingly complex and time-consuming.

“Customers do not want to wait longer than absolutely necessary to begin their planned investments,” explains the Head of Investment Technology for the firm. …

by Dan Steketee, Managing Director

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is a technology driven process used to automate business processes and workflows. RPA uses software “bots” to accomplish and alleviate employees from repetitive, routine tasks like claims processing, forms processing, applicant reviews, scheduled reports generation, data normalization and consolidation, purchase order issuing, HR tasks, and data entry that are traditionally handled by employees in financial services firms.

RPA’s main benefit to our clients is it automates the existing graphical user interfaces (UI) control process when an application/platform does not offer APIs. …

Cenotech Solutions would like to welcome Richard Farquharson to the team.

Richard Farquharson, Jr., CFA is a Senior Technology Executive with over 25 years of experience leading global change initiatives at multiple industry leading organizations in Investment Management and Investment Banking. Rick has demonstrated thought leadership and vision in roles as a C-Suite Information Technology executive at both buy-side and sell-side firms and possesses a collaborative leadership, communication and team-building style that drives performance and facilitates successful delivery of projects involving cross-functional teams as well as third-party service providers and vendors.

Prior to joining Cenotech, he served as Chief Information…

Cenotech Solutions

Founded in 2013, Cenotech solutions is a financial services technology consulting firm focused on asset management and asset servicing firms.

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